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Christie offers boarding, board and train, group classes, private lessons, K9 Good Citizens training, behavior modification and agility training. She has worked with the shelter on a behavior modification case including training volunteers to work with the particular dog.

Though located in Bastrop she does a training class once a week in Pflugerville. Contact her for more information:


Waggin' Tails Dog Training has obedience training, a rally obedience course, and agility training. They offer both group and private lessons.



Damon is a volunteer at the Pflugerville Animal Shelter as well as a dog trainer.

He offers training in your home, puppy management and dog training classes. Contact him to set up a free evaluation:


Unfortunately a lot of realtors and apartment complexes have breed restrictions that can include more than 20 different breeds of dogs. Here's a short list of properties that allow you to keep your furry friend, regardless of breed.


*Friends of the Pflugerville Animal Shelter doesn't have an agreement with any apartment complex nor is fully aware of changes in apartment policies.


Animal law addresses issues such as conservation, the mistreatment of animals, and laboratory research on animals. This site records the current federal and state laws regarding animals:




True story: While walking a shelter dog we were approaching a man walking with his toddler on his shoulders. In order to avoid any possible behaviors from the dog I turned and walked away. With my back turned, the man let his child down from his shoulders and without a single word let his child run up behind us. Unfortunately I had to yell no at the child in order for her to stop running at us. It was then that the father realized it was not okay to approach.


Moral of the story is to teach your children of all ages to ask before approaching a dog and if the person walking the dog turns a different direction take it as there may be a reason.

Most of the time we do not know what shelter dogs have been through and by taking them out in public we are working with them and training them that the entire world is not a bad place.